Schäferhund Apparel currently offers distinctive t-shirt designs for men and women and has plans to expand its line to include patches, sweatshirts, and other products.

“We use a discharge printing process that prints our images directly into the fabric with a water-based ink rather than a plastic ink (PVC) on top like most shirts,” explained Jordan. “This gives our shirts the comfortable feel of one owned for years, but without the fading and cracking.”

Schäferhund Apparel is the creation of a husband and wife team with over 30 years combined experience in law enforcement, graphic design, and education. It has its roots in a life-long appreciation of firearms, an inherent sense to protect, and a great respect for those who choose to protect.

Schäferhund (shay-fur-hoond) is German for sheepdog. From the idea penned by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman in his book On Killing, there are three types of people: wolves, sheep, and sheepdogs. The sheep are the majority of people, average citizens who go about their daily lives unmindful of the dangers that await them. The wolves are the predators out to harm the sheep, sometimes for personal gain, sometimes for no discernible reason. When the wolves appear, the sheep shout for help and it is the sheepdogs that appear. A small number of people have the drive and determination to go above and beyond the capabilities of the sheep. They make it their personal responsibility to protect others. They could be military personnel, willing to go into harm’s way to protect the nation. They could be law enforcement personnel, firefighters, or paramedics who put themselves at personal risk every day to protect their communities. They could even be gun-owners who have made the choice to step up and protect their families and those in their care.

All of these people put considerable time and effort into their mindset and training and that is what sets them apart from the sheep. That is what makes them sheepdogs, or schäferhunde. To find out more, please visit

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Schäferhund Apparel currently offers distinctive t-shirt designs for men and women and has plans…