The In Line™ Multi Gun File system designed by Ichiro Nagata organizes your library of guns inside your safe. Lockable with Dual #8 Zipper Pullers, 1 Gun Pocket, 3 Accessory Pockets, a Pocket Divider and a Spine Card that you label on the both sides of the card. The soft liner protects your finish while the In Line™ Gun File keeps the info you want at you finger tips, like Make, Model, Serial Number, Date Purchased, Where Purchased and Amount Paid. Whether you want to use the In Line™ Gun File for a single handgun or for multiple handguns you will agree that it is time to stop unzipping and guessing at what is in your Gun Boxes or Gun Rug. Model 4049 & 4050 MSRP of $30.00-$35.00 (Patent Pending)

TUFF Products has been manufacturing quality TUFF Products for over 10 years for the Firearm, Military, Hunting, Police and Law Enforcement Industry. We manufacture and sell under the Brand Names Cop Tuff ™, Edge™ or Tuff ™ as well as manufacture (OEM) under other large brand names such as Crimson Trace® and Hornady®.

TUFF Products have been tested and are used by hundreds of agencies in some of the most Extreme Conditions by our Military, Federal (FBI/ICE), Sheriff, Corrections and Police Agencies Nationwide. Our Mission is to surprise you with product value; quality and fair price as well as provide great customer service, before and after the sale.

Being a small business we don’t have the advertising budgets of the large holster companies to get you to try our products. One of our strengths is our ability to rapidly design prototype holsters, cases and pouches. We do this in days instead of the weeks or months of larger companies – that keeps us at the forefront our industry. When you purchase from us, just know that our goal is to make you happy with product design, function and quality!

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The In Line™ Multi Gun File system designed by Ichiro Nagata organizes your library…