Up-Armored Knives and Coatings is the creation of Will Welling, a full-time police officer and part-time knife-maker out of West Valley, New York. Will has become renowned for his specialty-camo blade finishes, which were initially developed for use on his own SWAT gear approximately 15 years ago. When other guys in Will’s department started to take notice of his blades, he was soon doing custom finishes for cops and military personnel from all over. Hence, Up-Armored Knives was born. In 2009 he started making custom knives featuring his blade finishes and officially added them to his Up-Armored line in 2011.

While Up-Armored’s Menace and Plate knives have primarily a tactical focus, a blade for outdoors use called the Fight For Survival (FFS) is available. Will classifies this knife as a woodcraft/utility blade, but as the survival part of “FFS” implies, it’s a perfect fit for anyone in need of a solid, compact, general-purpose blade as well. One of my first thoughts upon handling the FFS was that it would make an outstanding 21st century pilot’s survival knife.

Sturdy Bushcraft
The FFS is a mid-sized blade designed for easy carry. While it’s scaled along the lines of many bushcraft knives, carrying a 4.5-inch blade and coming in at 9.5 inches in overall length, the FFS is a bit burlier than most European-styled bushcraft blades. The FFS’ blade is crafted from 0.07 inches thick 1095 chrome-moly-vanadium steel that has been heated-treated by Peters Heat Treating to a 58-60 HRC. The grind is a very high, flat, saber grind, and the knife uses a traditional spear point. The edge is a nicely polished convex that comes scalpel sharp from Up-Armored. The handle is a bit over 5 inches long and gives plenty of room for any hand size.

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Up-Armored Knives and Coatings is the creation of Will Welling, a full-time police officer…