Today, with the big push to quiet down guns by adding a suppressor, you might wonder what the future holds for a piece of equipment that is deliberately noisy. But consider the Maxsell Corporation Model 1911 replica, known as the Kimar 911. This pistol is specifically designed to fire blank ammunition only. As for the manufacturer’s specifications, the handgun weighs 2.5 pounds empty, has an 8.5-inch overall length, and features a black finish and wood grip panels. This single-action, exposed-hammer pistol is fed with an eight-round, single-stack magazine. This convincing replica handgun is also shipped in a hard-plastic case with one magazine, the owner’s manual and a bore brush.

The irony of this particular blank-firing 1911 clone is that it does not use .45-caliber blank ammunition. Instead, it chambers 9mm blank rounds. This is actually a good thing, despite what some traditionalists might believe, as modern 9mm blank ammunition is plentiful and relatively easy to acquire.

For all intents and purposes, the Kimar 911 is a clone or replica of the original Model 1911 pistols favored by the U.S. military for nearly 100 years. All of the manual controls, including the trigger, magazine-release button, slide stop and manual safety, function as they do on a live pistol. The only real exception is the lack of a grip safety, but that won’t be missed. The pistol fits classic leather military holsters as well as more modern molded rigs. I worked the Kimar 911 in and out of a BlackHawk Serpa holster and experienced no issues.

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Today, with the big push to quiet down guns by adding a suppressor, you…