No matter what I try, I can never seem to get my knives as sharp as they were when I first bought them. Knowing this, I almost regret using them. I have tried all sorts of different quick-sharpeners and stones with satisfactory results, just not what I wanted. But thanks to the folks at EdgeCraft, home of Chef’s Choice sharpeners, I finally figured out that it was my sharpening technique that was the main culprit. EdgeCraft was kind enough to walk me through a quick lesson, using my favorite pocketknife and its line of nearly idiot-proof sharpeners.

Chef’s Choice sharpeners reshape the blade’s geometry to give the knife an arch-shaped profile, also known as a double- or triple-beveled edge. This creates multiple angles down to the cutting edge, making the blade stronger further down and supporting the edge for much longer sharpness retention. Manual and electric sharpeners with only a single angle will not produce this arch shape, and doing so with a stone by hand requires a very high level of skill.

Hybrid 25 Diamond Hone

New from EdgeCraft is the Hybrid 25 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener, which combines both an electric and a manual sharpener in one convenient, compact unit and is designed for Western blades with a 20-degree angle. The first two stages are electric and feature the company’s exclusive diamond abrasives. These disks will hold their shape indefinitely, so there is no danger of the sharpening angle changing over time or with use. The diamond abrasives also will not wear out or flake off, and there is no need to apply any oil to the blade before sharpening. In fact, the manufacturer recommends against applying oil. However, you should clean the knife blade before sharpening it.

For more information, visit or call 800-342-3255.

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No matter what I try, I can never seem to get my knives as…