Gill Arm LockTM is unique patented product that stabilize pistols, reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil dramatically. When cartridge is fired from pistol, forward end of the pistol rises upward because barrel axis lies above the arm.

When Gill Arm Lock is installed on the pistol, aft upper arc lies above the forearms of the shooter and restrict muzzle rise of the pistol. Sorbothane® pad absorbs up to 90% shock energy hence increase accuracy and shooter is able to engage to the target more efficiently for subsequent round. Gill Arm Lock is made of lightweight and strong Zytel® material.

Pistol sights can be adjusted at various angles as per user requirements. Radial teeth engagement is provided to adjust Gill Arm Lock angle at various positions. Wing nut is provided to adjust angle without need of any tool. Detent ball pin locks pistol and Gill Arm Lock. Forward adaptor of Gill Arm Lock can rotate along the axis of the vertical fastener. This fastener is placed according to wrist movement so that pistol can be targeted left or right if required. We have tested thousands of rounds and it has performed great.

You can install Gill Arm Stock on Glock G17, G19, G20, G22, G23, G25, G31, G32, G34 and G35 You can install on Generation 3, Generation 4 and previous generation of applicable pistols. Currently we are targeting these markets:

1. Public gun ranges, so they can assist folks who have hard time dealing with muzzle rise, such and young and first time shooters.
2. Competition target shooters.
3. Individual young and inexperienced shooters.
4. Glock enthusiasts.
5. Shooters who have hard time dealing with muzzle rise and stabilize pistol to the target.

It has been in market since last few weeks through Gill Arm Lock is legal to own and sell as per ATF guidelines. It doesn’t qualify as stock because it doesn’t reach shoulder of shooter. So there is no legal obligation as there are on stocks for pistols. Go to for more information and to purchase this product.

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Gill Arm LockTM is unique patented product that stabilize pistols, reduces muzzle rise and…