Laser sighting systems for long arms and handguns have been around for a long time, beginning with use by law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military more than 30 years ago. Back in the early 1980s, a laser sight was almost as big as the gun it was mounted on, and they were few and far between. Over the last three decades, laser sighting devices have increased in number and decreased exponentially in size, but more over, they have become an affordable accessory for civilian handguns.

Today, Glock’s proprietary GTL tactical light and laser sighting systems are compact enough to mount on the standard Glock accessory rail and flush with the front of the triggerguard. A tactical flashlight and laser system, either independently or in combination as a home- or personal-defense option, is a lightweight, compact accessory that can truly make the difference between an accurate, lifesaving defensive shot and a clean miss.

Making sure you can clearly see and, more importantly, clearly identify your target before taking action is essential, especially in a home- or personal-defense situation in subdued light. In the area of home and personal protection, the responsibility for discharging a weapon (using deadly force) lies with the gun owner. How effectively devices like tactical flashlights and laser sighting systems are used can become significant factors in an investigation after shooting an intruder.

Read more in the August 2013 Issue of Combat Handguns

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