Comment(s) has now officially launched its website, a news platfrom that covers shooting sports, new firearms equipment, Second Amendment politics, and all things gun related. GunNews has been posting stories for several weeks now, addressing issues such as the New York SAFE Act, the NRA Annual Meeting, and new gear from Ruger, Smith & Wesson, and Colt.

With the NRA Annual Meeting having taken place earlier this month, GunNews is preparing a more comprehensive look at the event for those who didn’t make it to the conference. In addition to coverage of the events, GunNews will also be releasing exclusive interviews with high-profile attendees and exhibitors such as Ted Nugent, Ronnie Barrett, Sig Sauer, and Weatherby., the Official Auction Website of the NRA, opened for business in 1998. Since that time, it has expanded significantly. As the number of transactions taking place on the site has grown, GunAuction has sought opportunities to participate in the preservation of freedom for Amercian citizens. “Freedom carries with it a responsibility,” says CEO and founder, Manny DelaCruz–explaining the importance taking such steps–“a responsibility to make decisions that benefit myself and those that I care about.” As a part of its efforts to preserve gun rights specifically, GunAuction recently attended the NRA Annual Meeting and sold 34 guns on behalf of the NRA as a means of raising funds for the organization. is an auction website designed specifically for exchanging firearms. brings gun owners and prospective buyers together to exchange goods in a convenient and safe environment. For your future firearms needs, visit and see what your fellow gun enthusiasts are offering.

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