From the stable of Swiss small-arms manufacturing giant Sig Sauer comes a new offering in the spirit of the Commander Model 1911—the Carry Scorpion. Although Sig Sauer made a name for itself with its line of extremely high-quality European firearms—particularly its series of traditional double-action autopistols that have served in hands ranging from those of the Navy SEALs to everyday beat cops—the company recognized that there was a strong demand here in the United States for the 1911 and set about adding this popular warhorse to its line.

With products ranging from full-sized tactical guns to ultra-compact carry pistols, Sig Sauer’s 1911s were designed to offer something for every 1911 fan. An excellent example of this is the Carry Scorpion, a 1911 with the company’s distinctive 1911 visual style with its pronounced and squared slide top. This one is worth a look for anyone interested in a defensive or tactical 1911 pistol.

Gun Details

The Carry Scorpion features a 4.2-inch barrel and is made with a stainless steel frame and slide, which are finished in Cerakote, an ultra-durable ceramic coating built to withstand the rigors of today’s “sandbox” urban-warfare theaters. Weighing in at just over 35 ounces empty, the gun has the heft you’d expect from a 1911 without earning the unfortunate designation of “unwieldy.”

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From the stable of Swiss small-arms manufacturing giant Sig Sauer comes a new offering…