Feeling it is time for gun owners to stand out rather than blend in a group of entrepreneurs in this central Wisconsin town has launched Taking Libertees, LLC, a pro-gun t-shirt company giving gun owners the opportunity to show the world just where they stand.

“The mainstream media has been working rather successfully for years to marginalize gun owners. We think the 80 million law-abiding gun owners in this country should be proud of who they are. There is no shame in owning or carrying guns for any legal purpose,” said Kevin Michalowski, one of the partners in the venture.

No stranger to the firearm community, Michalowski has been an active firearms journalist for nearly two decades. This latest venture grew out of the desire to give gun owners even more of a voice, allowing the general public to see that gun owners and advocates for firearms rights are everywhere.

“In this country we are free to speak our mind and we at Taking Libertees are encouraging people to do just that. We offer everything from witty slogans to serious commentary to famous gun-related quotes and our offerings keep growing all the time. We have plenty to say,” said Michalowski.

Taking Libertees sells directly to the consumer via their secure website, Taking Libertees and offers shirts for both men and women in all sizes and a variety of colors.

“This whole thing grew out of our love of freedom. There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating our own business based on the rights that keep this country strong and free. Initial reaction has been good and as we continue to grow we feel like we are making an important statement,” said Michalowski. “It would be great to reach every gun owner in the nation. But for now we will do what we can to keep our part of the American dream alive.”

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