With Target Is Moving its now easier than ever to train with moving shooting targets.

TIM SYSTEMS LLC makers of patent pending electronic moving target systems are please to announce its “Target Is Moving” line of targets. This dynamic line of shooting targets offers a wide range of applications for military, law enforcement, and professional range operations.

The Target Is Moving (T.I.M.™) line of electronic target systems features a compact, portable target base which features an interlocking cardboard target. The T.I.M. system offers several operating modes with adjustable speeds and can operate in a 360 degree fashion. With the optional remote control users can control a single target or multitude of targets wirelessly. The system runs for hours on rechargeable AA batteries for ease of use and maximum uptime. Because the target surfaces are cardboard the system is safe to operate at indoor ranges as well as outdoor. T.I.M. can also be deployed in the classroom as a dry fire training or instruction tool.

A steel clamp mounted on the back on the system allows the target to be secured quickly onto devices like target stands or hangers. Because of its compact size and fast setup it can deployed in seconds without having to change range infrastructure. This combination of factors allows range operations to quickly expand their client offering with minimal investment.

For more information about Target Is Moving or TIM SYSTEMS LLC please visit or call 888.322.4370.

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With Target Is Moving its now easier than ever to train with moving shooting…