For storing guns and valuables securely and out of sight, you choices are generally limited. Large safes aren’t easy to conceal, and small ones have limited capacities. But how about a bedside dresser full of guns? The new Sleepsafe Securevault passes for a nightstand or small filing cabinet and provides three large secure drawers that you can get to quickly!

The Sleepsafe Securevault is a complete, 2mm-thick steel safe encased in a custom, solid-wood frame to match your home or office decor. A battery-powered biometric scanner is discreetly built into the side and can store up to 10 unique fingerprints. Once the scanner confirms an authorized user, the lock instantly pops open for access to your firearm. And don’t worry about power outages. The scanner runs on one 9-volt battery and alerts you when the battery is low. You can also open the safe with a programmable code.

Each of the three drawers is built sturdy and locks securely into the steel vault. If the wooden cabinet exterior is destroyed, the safe will remain solid. The safe has 27 by 19 by 26 inches of total storage space, and each of the three drawers can hold up to 100 pounds. The safe can be bolted to a wall from behind the cabinet and made immovable.

The Sleepsafe Securevault comes in two styles: a contemporary model with dark-stained wood and stainless steel hardware, and a traditional model in a deep-pecan-stained veneer with carved accents and rounded legs. The cost for either safe is $749. For more information, visit or call 888-667-6630.

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For storing guns and valuables securely and out of sight, you choices are generally…