The person who lawfully carries a concealed, loaded handgun has a myriad of options. This is because they have a myriad of needs. The undercover cop may be in a situation where it’s death if his gun is spotted. For the working businessman or professional, it might be technically legal to carry in the workplace, but the job environment could be such that it is “occupational death” if the gun is spotted by an anti-gun co-worker, client or patient.

Ankle carry and pocket carry are two long-proven options. Since the dawn of the handgun, carriers have found that they can hide a small one in a pocket or stuff one securely into a boot top. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one can help you master concealed carry and better protect yourself.

Clothing Concerns

Ankle holsters are particularly “garment sensitive.” It’s obvious that they’re not going to be concealed with the husband’s peg-bottom jeans, the wife’s Capri pants or either’s shorts. What’s less obvious is that to actually be able to cleanly draw from an ankle holster, great attention has to be paid to tailoring and pant-cuff style. Fortunately, wide-bottom cuffs are coming back into style with certain casual garments. “Bell bottoms are coming back, just for us ankle holster users,” I quipped happily to one of my daughters a few years ago. She sighed and said, “Dad, they’re not bell bottoms, they’re flares.” I’ll take them anyway. They make it easier to get to an ankle holster.

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The person who lawfully carries a concealed, loaded handgun has a myriad of options.…