A well-respected name in the industry, KA-BAR Knives is releasing of thirteen new knives and four accessories—including nine American-made knives—as the company celebrates its 115th anniversary.

The Zombie line welcomes seven new items: two fixed blades, three folders, a metal sign, and a shirt. All Zombie fixed blades are now made in America, as well as the Zombie shirt and signs. The largest Zombie fixed blade is the 5706 Swabbie, which measures 18” overall and features a 12 ½” SK5 blade. It is welcomed into the lineup alongside the 5705 Zomstro, which measures 15 ½” overall and has a blade length of 10 ¼”. Both knives retail for $172.12 and include black handle scales, the Acheron Skeleton knife, a MOLLE-compatible nylon sheath, and a Zombie® Knives patch. All Zombie Knives patterns are currently available.

Johnson Adventure Blades is pleased to unveil the Gamestalker, an 8” fixed blade featuring a 4” 440A stainless steel blade. The Gamestalker is made in American and comes with a brown nylon MOLLE sheath. The retail price is $65.50. The Gamestalker will be available for purchase in late April 2013.

Becker Knife & Tool welcomes two familiar faces to the fold. The BK10 Crewman, a historical Becker pattern, and the BK24 D’Eskabar, a D2 version of the popular Eskabar, are new to the BK & T roster in 2013. The Crewman measures 10 7/8” overall and has 5 ½” blade. The D’Eskabar is 7” overall and has a 3 ¼” blade made of D2 tool steel. The retail price of the Crewman is $121.45. The retail price of the D’Eskabar is $79.53. The D’Eskabar is currently available for purchase, while the Crewman will be available in March 2013. Both knives are made in the USA.

The TDI Law Enforcement Master Key enters the KA-BAR lineup in 2013 with a bang. The dynamic entry tool is one solid piece of 1095 cro-van steel that measures 13”. The Master Key can be used as a pry bar in addition to the axe-like 4” blade. Featuring a MOLLE sheath, the Master Key is ideal for SWAT teams and specialized military units. The Master Key sells for a retail price of $93.57 and will be available for purchase in April 2013. The Master Key is made in the USA.

KA-BAR is proud to offer our Commemorative Fighting/Utility knife celebrating the 115th Anniversary of KA-BAR Knives. The anniversary commemorative design is available on our USMC, US ARMY, and USN models and retails for $112.19. All models of the 115th Anniversary Commemorative are currently available for purchase and are made in the USA.

Six folding knives, highlighted by a Bob Dozier slip joint, are also new for 2013. The Dozier Big Easy Slip Joint Folder measures 8” open and features a 3 ½” 440A stainless steel blade. The handle is brown canvas micarta. The Big Easy retails for $53.15 and is currently available for purchase. Three of Bob Dozier’s most popular KA-BAR folding hunter knives have been given the zombie treatment. The 4062, 4065, and 4072 now are available in hi-viz, zombie green handles. The color makes these popular hunting knives easy to spot while working in the woods or in the shop. The retail price of the 4062ZG, 4065ZG, and 4072ZG is $25.73. All new Dozier folders are currently available.

The last, but certainly not least, of the new KA-BAR products for 2013 is the KA-BAR Coppersmith series. Featuring the KA-BAR Dog’s Head logo in copper, the Coppersmiths feature copper bolsters with blades made of D2 tool steel. The small Coppersmith measures 6 ¾” open and has a 3” blade. The large Coppersmith features a 5” blade and measures 8 5/8” open. The retail price of the small Coppersmith is $140.35. The retail price of the large Coppersmith is $189.12. The Coppersmiths are currently available for purchase.

For additional information, please visit or call 800-282-0130.

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