Every time a new 1911 manufacturer hits the market, I can’t help but wonder how well it will fare introducing and producing a century-old design tweaked and perfected to what has to be the nth degree—all the while contending with the large number of firms currently producing it. I compare every new 1911 to all of the quality ones already out there, knowing that every new manufacturer has a lot of work to do to succeed.

When Remington, announced its plans to begin manufacturing a 1911, adding another company into the mix, all of the aforementioned thoughts went through my mind. Sure, they helped the war effort in World War I by building 1911s for the doughboys and our allies, but does that really qualify them to build 1911s for today’s discerning customers?

Perhaps not, but Remington is known for its commitment to quality, as generations of 870 pump-action shotgunners can attest, and the modern machining processes the company employs certainly should do a bang-up job producing a 1911 with tight, reproducible tolerances. Because we are talking about Remington, you know the company did not enter into the project half-heartedly. Luckily, while the debate between 1911s and polymer, striker-fired pistols is unlikely to ever end, the market for quality 1911s continues going strong.

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Every time a new 1911 manufacturer hits the market, I can’t help but wonder…