CAS Hanwei introduces an exceptional line of knives Viper by Tecnocut. Viper knives are made in Italy and feature D2 tool steel and N690 stainless steel in a variety of blade finishes (PVD Coating, ASPIS, Bead Blasted, and Satin). In addition their handle treatments are exceptional, their carbon fiber scales for instance are not produced by stock removal. Instead carbon fiber sheets are placed in a custom mold with the resion and dried in an autoclave, giving an unparlelled appearance and feel that must be held to appreciate. In addition Viper’s fixed blade knives feature well thought-out sheaths that provide for a number of carry positions.

Viper by Tecnocut has been making quality traditional and sporting knives in Italy since 1987.

Featured Blade Steels

Although often defined as “semi-stainless” in the jargon used by knife enthusiastics, the high chrome content of 12.00% provides the D2 with a good resistance to oxidation under a normal use. Compared to stainless steels the D2 distinguishes itself by its superior edge holding and for its toughness, which make it suitable for the construction of solid work tools. When it is used for folding knives it is possible to temper the steel a bit harder to enhance its cutting attributes without any consequence on its fragility.


Produced by Böhler Uddeholm it represents a great compromise between cutting and oxidation-resistance attributes. The ideal hardness lies at 58-60 HRC and this entails a good compromise between great cutting attributes, resistance to stress and ease of re-sharpening. This is perfect for the folding knife’s daily use but is also a great choice for hunting as they are often in contact with blood and other corrosive substances.

Featured Blade Finishes

The acronym stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. This consists in a superficial condensation treatment obtained by vaporising the metals that will form the layer of the coating. The metals are then deposited on the surfaces to be treated. The final result is a very long-lasting, protective layer that has superior adhesion attributes compared to varnishes or polymer thin films.


On the bigger blades a special treatment of superficial modification is applied that allows for a black and opaque coloration (which meets MIL-DTL-13924 standards) enhancing at the same time the resistance to corrosion. The burnishing is achieved by immerging the steel in suitable oxidant solutions previously heated to its specific temperature. The surface obtained is essentially made of extremely hard oxides that are usually 0.1 micron thick.


The blades’ satin finish is manually achieved by highly skilled craftsmen, using appropriate abrasive wheels for satin finishing. Therefore the precious craftsmanship that is Viper’s pride yields this superlative final result.

Bead Blasted

The bead blasting is the process of cryogenisating the surface by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure. This allows augmenting the wear resistance of the surface itself and to get anti-reflective surfaces. To obtain a satisfactory outcome it is mandatory to carefully assess and choose the abrasive material.

Handle Materials
Carbon Fiber

Unlike the majority of knife manufacturers, Viper does not work the carbon by removal. The scales of the Start are made stretching and applying the fiber into specific moulds, where it is lacquered with resin and dried in an autoclave. This method provides a greater robustness, given that the tissue fibers are not cut but moulded.


This material is made of impregnated fabric layers with epoxy resins. It is mainly used for its resistance and insensitivity to the external environment. The aspect can vary based on the fabric pattern, on the ratio of the latter compared to the resin and on the superficial finish. It can also have a plain color or contrasting layers, which could be brought out with a 3D processing.


Very similar to the micarta for its construction the G-10 is not made of cotton but of glass fiber laminates filled with coloured epoxy resin. This entails that the strength and the duration are even greater. Usually the G-10 is supplied with a superficial coarse texture with a variable grain.

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