When the zombie apocalypse comes, running out of bullets won’t be a problem—thanks to Bear OPS…

From the distinctive Reaper Z coating on the handles to the quality steel in the blades, the first seven tactical knives in the new Undead Series from Bear OPS make a bold statement and back it up with reliable performance. When failure is not an option, Bear OPS has the answer!

Three of the leading models in the American-made Undead Series are the Stiletto, the Constant II and the Bear Song IV.
The UD-MC-300 Stiletto has a 3-1/4-inch blade made of top-quality S30V stainless steel. For smooth opening, the blades ride on bronze phosphorous washers and a precision ball bearing. It’s 4-3/8” closed and weighs 2.0 ounces. The T6 aluminum handle has the Reaper Z coating. MSRP, $120.

The fixed-blade UD-CC-600 Constant II has a 4-1/4-inch modified drop-point blade made of high carbon 1095 stainless steel with a Reaper Z coating. The handle is green, textured G-10. Overall, it is 9-3/8-inches long and weighs 8.9 ounces. MSRP $140.

The UD-B-450 Bear Song IV Butterfly has a 2-7/8-inch quality 14C28N steel blade and is 4-1/4-inches closed in its Reaper Z coated T6 aluminum handles. Weighs 3.5 ounces. MSRP $140.

Reaper Z coating was created by combining highly realistic images of zombies and bio-hazard symbols with a shredded surface for its unique pattern.
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