It may be a bit obvious to say that citizens across this great nation are feeling a financial pinch. Everyone is feeling it, from doctors to maintenance workers, from cops to firefighters. As people from all walks of life are trying to stretch their dollars, many are doing away with their landlines and using their cell phones for calls in and out of the home. After all, why pay for two phones when one will do? This same logic can
be applied to daily carry and home-defense firearms. In times past, savvy gun owners with carry licenses had a
gun for carry and a gun for the house, but this trend is shifting.

In one of my recent pistol classes, a young lady told me that she was now carrying her .38 Special Ruger LCR each day and keeping it on the night-stand each night. Her thought was, “Why have two guns when one will perform the needed task?” My student explained, “I carry this gun daily, practice with it at least once a month and have trained with it in low light. It only makes sensethat I will shoot it best when trouble comes, so why complicate it? I’ll just use one gun for all needs.” Her logic is sound. However, you may not have the same needs…

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It may be a bit obvious to say that citizens across this great nation…