Elegance comes in many forms, and Italian firm Famars has mastered it for over 50 years when it comes to fine handmade shotguns. Originally from Brescia, Italy, Famars has expanded to the U.S. with a new facility in Coventry, Rhode Island. The company’s line consists not only of finely crafted firearms but also outdoor men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, baggage and knives.
While producing an automatic knife may not seem like an obvious choice for a company with such a long and storied history in the sporting field, things become clear when we understand what Famars autos really are. Famars knives truly are gentlemen’s blades, made in the Old World manner with impeccable attention to detail and craftsmanship.
Famars does a wide variety of small autos in two-blade designs, in either 154CM or Damascus steel. It also offers autos with a blade and can-opener/bottle-opener/screwdriver combo, or ones with a blade and a divot-tool/bottle-opener combo. Models range from those with simple anodized aluminum finishes in a variety of colors, to models inlayed with brass, shark and ostrich, to finely engraved knives with C36 stainless steel bodies. The knives are made at Famars’ Rhode Island facility, and tremendous skill and craftsmanship go into them. When first examining the knives, you’ll notice the lack of obvious pins or screws.

Read more in the November 2013 issue of Tactical Knives

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