Roland Stuart broke into the Rainboth’s family home, to encounter mother and wife of household-Jane Rainboth in her bedroom reaching for 9mm handgun that in fact was a toy gun, placed by her bedside.

When the intruder caught sight of the threat at hand, he ran back outside the house for safety, where he would later be caught by Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies. The robber failed to notice the orange tip of the gun, giving away the fact that the 9mm was instead a toy gun. The family’s “attack dog” barked and gave Rainboth just enough notice to wake up and reach for the toy gun just as the robber was turning the corner to her room.

When Joshua Rainboth first spray-painted the gun, he never thought it would end up saving his mother’s life. “It’s funny because when I first did it they got mad at me,” Rainboth said. “They told me I was going to get myself in trouble for spray-painting it black.”


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