For years, Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) has been building some of the most reliable
piston-driven AR rifles on the market. The system is one of the closest to an AK in function, resulting in reliable operation in most any configuration. The PWS Diablo was one of the first 7-inch carbines to truly work in the real world—a claim that is supported by the fact that many remain in the hands of operators today. The same can be said for PWS’ 10-inch carbines, as well as rifles chambered in the .308 caliber. Many of the components are built in-house and specifically designed to make the rifles more accurate, reliable and rugged. Those parts not built in-house are the best available on the market. Always dedicated to improvement and enhancement, PWS has never rested on its laurels. With each year the weapons only get better, and the latest-generation MK107 is no exception.

Pistols built on the AR platform are a burgeoning market. Many states do not allow SBRs
(Short Barreled Rifles) of any kind. It limits those wanting a more compact rifle in the AR platform. For those states where SBRs are legal, the idea of a $200 tax stamp and additional ATF paperwork is often less than palatable. Therefore, the AR pistol offers a fine alternative a compact weapon chambered in a prolific and powerful cartridge. Easy to wield in and around cars, it fits nicely into a small case for VIP protection details. Properly slung, it can be operated with solid accuracy. The real issue has always been reliability, and piston systems seem to work the best, thereby making the MK107 a perfect fit…

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For years, Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) has been building some of the most reliable…