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Ideal for polymer frame handguns and other substrates, including most plastics, metals and woods, where a customized rubber feel is desired. Simply apply the rubber particles to the entire grip or to select areas where you want to improve your grip.

Application Instructions
The grip should be clean and free of any dirt or dust particles.

1.) Use masking tape to isolate the area on the grip that is to be coated.

2.) Wipe the designated areas with a baby wipe or damp paper towel to remove any surface oils. Do not touch the surface once it has been cleaned as this may impact the adhesion of the particles

3.) Applying the Adhesive and particles:

3a.) Single Application: apply a large bead of adhesive down the middle of the handle. Use the chip brush to spread this across the handle and half way down the sides. Quickly turn the part over and repeat this process on the other side. Wipe any excess adhesive onto a clean rag or paper towel. The handle should be entirely coated with a uniform film of adhesive at this point. Quickly sprinkle the particles of SoftSand Rubber onto the adhesive before it begins to cure.

3b.) Multiple Applications: apply adhesive to a portion of the area to be coated (e.g. the flat part of the handle, back panel, finger grips) Use a brush to spread the adhesive and immediately sprinkle the particles onto the wet adhesive. Allow this to dry and then remove excess particles. Use a clean brush and carefully apply adhesive up to the edge created in the first application. Sprinkle particles onto the coating. Repeat this as many times as needed to coat the part.

The adhesive and particles may be reapplied to correct imperfections, add more particles, smooth out drip marks, etc. The adhesive may be applied directly over the SoftSand rubber particles to build a thicker coating or to increase particle coverage. To smooth out imperfections (e.g. drip marks or ridges) use a fine grit of sandpaper and sand until smooth. It is not necessary to remove all particles and adhesive. Apply the adhesive and particles as outlined above. Tactical Grip Coat is made up of rubber SoftSand granules that create a comfortable, slip resistant surface. Simply mask off the area to be coated, paint the adhesive over the area and then sprinkle the particles onto the wet adhesive to create a perfectly customized non-slip grip.

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Ideal for polymer frame handguns and other substrates, including most plastics, metals and woods,…