I think everyone will agree that the high point on the annual cutlery calendar is the Atlanta Blade Show. Tactical Knives was there in full force this year. Terrill Hoffman provides our first look at a few of the thousands of handmade knives on display in our Tactical Customs pages. Len Waldron covers the commercial and handmade knives presented industry awards for being outstanding new products in their category. Naturally, Tactical Knives found tons of exciting knives for future articles so stay tuned, you won’t be disappointed.

Our cover features the new Benchmade Butch Ball- designed Axis 300 “Flipper,” this company’s first go at a spine mounted one-hand opener that they have combined with their outstanding blade locking system. Also covered in detail by globe trekker Reuben Bolieu is Benchmade’s Shane Sibert-designed “Bushcrafter.” You know this British-originated trend in woodcrafting knives has hit the main stream when the big boys in the U.S. cutlery industry start offering models.

Blind Horse Knives tells us they would like to get a little more involved in the tactical side of knife making. Phil Elmore covers their most recent introduction to this field, the T1 hideout and the T2 Americanized tanto. Either would be a great knife to have on you when your back is against the wall.

Few companies are doing a better job of recruiting custom knife designers to their production lines than Boker. Dennis Prisbrey once more heads out into the Utah backcountry to put the new Andy Fitz-designed Exodus field knife through its paces as a survival blade. Also covered is the Vox-designed Boker JTN (Join the Navy) all-purpose outdoor knife.

Condor Knives continued to use their El Salvadorian Imacasa connection to expand their line of time-tested global machetes and jungle knives. In this issue we take a look at four of the most recent models: The Engineer Bolo, Village Parang, Heavy Duty Kukri and hybrid Lochnessmuk.

It is probably only natural that a combat knife company like Grayman would offer a line of classic American Bowies. Based on his years of field service, retired single-bevel Mega Pounder series for border security use.

Phil Elmore once more puts a Krudo Knives product through its paces as a self-defense weapon. This time around it is their new Tactical KHatchet. If you can’t tell, the KHatchet is a unique new modern interpretation of the classic tomahawk.

Even the Red Cross will tell you to have a bug-out bag ready but how many of you do? Tim Stetzer evaluates Lansky’s full-equipped 72-hour Tactical Apocalypse Survival Kit bug-out bag. What this kit doesn’t include, its pack has room for you to add!

We know there are large number of our law enforcement and military readers are looking for reasonably priced but well-made tactical folders for everyday field use. Real-life LEO Tim Stetzer tries a trio of new Schrade models out on the job and finds them well suited to the world of crime fighting.

Phil Wilson’s filet and hunting knives have long been known for their state-of-the-art steel alloy blades. Terrill Hoffman does a pass-a-round with his North Carolina deer hunting buddies on the new Wilson/Spyderco collaboration the Southfork hunter this issue.

Good things can come in small packages. Terrill Hoffman turns mountain man on a pack of nuisance beaver with one of Jim Allen’s tough as nails Three Sisters Forge folders. These knives have seen wide use over in the “sandbox.”

Following up on the success of their CRKT wooden “Nathan’s Knife Kit,” Glen and Nathan Klecker have created an all-plastic snap-out parts set ideal for our younger readers. Tim Stetzer and son find it to be an educational but fun way to learn the basics of knife making.

Not only is he one of Boker’s star designers, Danish custom knifemaker Jesper Voxnaes produces some very impressive battle blades of his own. Joe Flowers profiles this highly popular European maker for Tactical Knives while putting his knives to test in the Appalachian hills around his home stomping ground.

And if that isn’t enough for you, check out our many great columns this issue covering everything from billy clubs to reasonably priced cutlery steels!

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I think everyone will agree that the high point on the annual cutlery calendar…