When it comes down to it, everyone appreciates getting a lot of bang for the buck, something that Armscor understands very well. The history of the Philippines-based Armscor is quite interesting. In 1905, two Englishmen, Roy Squires and William Bingham, established a merchandising firm in the Philippines and named it, appropriately enough, Squires, Bingham & Co. They eventually expanded their business to include sporting goods, firearms and ammunition. In the 1930s, Arthur D. Hileman, a retired U.S. Army solider, purchased the business from its original owners.

In 1941, the store—by then referred to as the “Sportsmen’s Headquarters”—was purchased by Don Celso Tuason. Unfortunately, just four months after he purchased the business, World War II broke out, and Japan invaded the Philippines. While the Japanese confiscated the firm’s stock of firearms and ammunition, Don Celso managed (barely) to keep the business solvent through the occupation years.

After the war, Don Celso decided to venture into the manufacture of firearms and ammunition, and in 1952 Squires Bingham Manufacturing, Inc., came into being. In 1980, the Tuason family diversified their holdings, and the firearms manufacturing division was renamed Arms Corporation of the Philippines, better known as Armscor…

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When it comes down to it, everyone appreciates getting a lot of bang for…