Parking Lot Ambush
A few years back, I was alone and walking to my car in a parking lot of a strip shopping center. It was a spot I had been to many times, at all hours of the day and night, and I’d never had a problem. One of the reasons I’d never had a problem was that, at my father’s insistence, I learned to maintain my awareness in any situation. I always look around to make sure nothing unusual is going on around me. As a woman, I’m always looking for a weirdo who may approach me and am very careful to maintain distance and objects between shady-looking people and me. The other thing I learned to do was shoot. I took it upon my self to find a gun range, took some shooting classes, got my CCW permit and eventually purchased a small Kahr 9mm semi-automatic handgun to carry.

As I walked through the lot to my car, with my key fob that has a light on it in my hand, I noticed two males walking parallel to me. As I watched this, my focus became intent on getting to my car. I figured that, once there, I’d get inside and be gone before they could get near me. I practiced keeping my cool in all situations because I refuse to see myself as or be a victim. I could see the two men starting to walk faster, trying to get out in front of me. As they did this, I became a little nervous and reached to feel for my gun. From the moment I got my permit, I never left home without it…

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