The .45 ACP round has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence in popularity. Honestly, it is as much a move away from the .40 caliber, since the 9mm is also regaining a strong following. Improvements in bullet construction have made all pistol rounds more effective, meaning the other factors are more critical—shot placement, complete reliability and put-ting the biggest bullet on target effectively. For those interested in capacity, the 9mm is fast becoming the first choice, but for those looking to move up to a bigger bullet, the .45 ACP is king.

With this move comes a need for a combat-reliable pistol. For many, that means a full-sized pistol with the capacity of a double-stack magazine. Many of these pistols, especially in the 1911 platform, are expensive and not always well suited to practical carry. The most reliable of these tend to be the most costly, putting them out of reach for many shooters. The best choice is often a polymer-based pistol, and that’s where the Glock 21 certainly delivers. Having carried my first Glock 21 on the streets some 15 years ago, I know this pistol well, and that same pistol rides in an officer’s holster to this day. Though there have been several opportunities for him to trade it in for a newer gun, he’s rebuffed them all with great fervor. Why? Because it works, and that officer knows his life depends on it doing just that.

G21 Legacy & Future
For many, the Glock 21 is the quintessential high-capacity, .45 caliber combat pistol. It has proven reliable, accurate and indestructible. With a 13+1 capacity, it provides easily accessible firepower in a proven caliber. It maintains the ergonomics and simple practicality of all the Glock pistols, and accessories, holsters and spare magazines are plentiful. For those making the move up from the G22, the transition is simple and easy. Available with factory night sights, the G22 is ready out of the box for duty, the range or anywhere else. And all of this is at about half the cost of many high-capacity .45s.


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The .45 ACP round has been experiencing a bit of a resurgence in popularity.…