Taurus has come a long way from its beginning making revolvers more than 60 years ago in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company started building pistols when it bought a Beretta factory in 1980 and began manufacturing its excellent PT-92 and PT-99 pistols. Today, the company continues to expand its product line with new and innovative designs that display a genuine commitment to quality and ingenuity. And the new Millennium G2, based upon the original PT-111 Millennium, is no exception. The G2 is a polymer-framed, lightweight, striker-fired, 9mm semi-automatic pistol that features a double-stack magazine with a 12+1 capacity.

Gun Details
The top of the Millennium G2’s alloy steel slide features weight-lightening cuts on both sides forward of the ejection port. These cuts are attractive, help keep the pistol’s weight down and make reholstering easier. At the rear of the slide, aggressive and well-spaced serrations make slide manipulation easier and help the shooter secure a firm grip even in inclement conditions. The slide also features a matte blued finish that looks black and has a very nice satin feel.

On the right side of the slide is the external extractor, which is well sized and does an excellent job of removing cartridge cases aggressively. Atop the slide are well-designed sights in a three-white-dot sighting arrangement. The front sight is fixed in position, but the rear sight is fully adjustable for windage and elevation using the included key or a small flathead screwdriver…

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Taurus has come a long way from its beginning making revolvers more than 60…