No matter how many handguns have passed through my vault or been added to my collection, one pistol has always been on my “must have” list: the Wilson Combat Tactical Elite. I can’t quite say why this particular handgun caught my eye 20-plus years ago, but it did. Over the years I have pondered ordering one, but never did—until early 2012. Realizing that time was moving on, I quit procrastinating and finally arranged to get one.

Recently, Wilson Combat sent me an email letting me know the pistol was on its way. Thanks to Mother Nature, its delivery was delayed by a few days. When the big brown truck at last pulled up the driveway,
my 20-year wait for my Tactical Elite was over.

Gun Details
What makes the Tactical Elite such a special 1911? In my humble opinion, it is the barrel. Wilson uses a heavy flanged-cone barrel, which is essentially a compensated barrel with the compensator cut off. This leaves approximately a 0.19-inch steel wafer where the barrel bushing would normally be found. This solid piece of steel, with the taper of the barrel, adds weight to the front of the pistol, reducing recoil and allowing for faster follow-up shots. With its extra weight and barrel length, the Tactical Elite produces better downrange accuracy. Anyone can stick this type of barrel into a 1911. But to get the best performance out of the barrel, it must be properly fitted. The Tactical Elite is hand-built and precisely fitted by Wilson Combat. This is a true custom-built pistol: You can choose the finish, the grips, the sights, the caliber and the degree of…

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No matter how many handguns have passed through my vault or been added to…