One of the hardest aspects of reviewing a new knife is to explain why it is even worthy of consideration. Not all knives are created equal, and some new models should never grace the pages of a magazine. Fortunately, that is not a problem when it comes to the new fighter/dagger being presented by Spartan Blades. The knife is a collaboration between Spartan Blades and former Special Forces Sergeant Kim Breed, and that alone should instantly draw your attention.

I have known the founders of Spartan Blades, Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey, for a few years, and when it comes to tactical knives, they’re experts. Like most warriors who have truly “been there, done that,” these two men are soft-spoken and do not play on their contributions to our country. However, as members of a number of spec-ops units, they have learned through experience the attributes needed in a combat knife. When you add in the efforts of Kim Breed, writer and retired Green Beret, you have the makings of a tactical-cutlery dream team. All three men with their skills as custom-knife makers know how to translate their knowledge into cold steel.

The knife itself, the Spartan-Breed Fighter/Dagger, is the result of these individuals’ common goal to not only create a fighting knife worthy of use in today’s battleground, but also pay tribute to veterans and the current special operation forces. Even at a glance you can see the resemblance between the Spartan-Breed design and that of the Fairbairn-Sykes fighting dagger, a recognized symbol of elite special operations units. The knife has a 3/16-inch-thick blade that is 5.5 inches long and a slim 29/32 inches wide. The overall length is 11 inches, and it weighs only 8.13 ounces…


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One of the hardest aspects of reviewing a new knife is to explain why…