I like 1911s, but not everyone does. In fact, someone recently said to me, “I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but in the past 102 years there have been some real advancements in carry handguns.” Au contraire. I’m quite aware of new developments in firearms. But, no matter what modern marvel I shoot, I still go back to my tried-and-true 1911s for daily CCW carry.People say that a 1911 is an expert’s gun that is just not suitable for the hoi polloi. Honestly, they get no argument from me on that score. But I’d like to point out that any gun you carry to defend your life is an expert’s gun. And if you don’t become an expert with your chosen carry weapon, whatever it might be, the results can be disastrous.
I like 1911s for a very simple reason: The single-action (SA) trigger gives me the control I need to put the first round, and every subsequent round I fire, into the target I’m aiming at. For me, that is worth the time it takes to learn to manipulate a thumb safety until it is second nature. Now, to be honest, there are a couple of other handgun platforms that come pretty close to the 1911’s level of performance, but none have been close enough yet to lure me away from my 1911s.

However, despite my continued reliance on them, I am not unaware of the 1911’s weaknesses. They are big, heavy pistols, and, compared to newer designs, 1911s have a pretty low ammunition capacity. Admittedly, I’m not a cop raiding a criminal’s den, or a soldier fighting my way out of a horde of terrorists, so, I’ve always felt that the eight rounds of .45 ACP ammo in a standard 1911 are enough for most situations that I’ll encounter. But, I realize that no one engaged in a gunfight ever says, “I wish I didn’t have so much danged ammo!”

The American Tactical Imports (ATI) FX45 Fatboy Lightweight solves these issues and more. The Fatboy Lightweight is the newest incarnation of the Fatboy 1911 that ATI unveiled in 2011. The original Fatboy was a steel-framed, high-capacity, compact 1911 with a 3.2-inch barrel and a 12-round, double-stack magazine. The new Fatboy Lightweight takes the original Fatboy concept and lightens its weight even further with an aluminum alloy frame…


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I like 1911s, but not everyone does. In fact, someone recently said to me,…