Working at the request of the United States Marines Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), Kimber designed the ICQB (Interim Close Quarter Battle) pistol. Designed specifically for operations in the harshest conditions, this pistol was built to the highest standards using the best quality parts—as specified by our most elite Marines. A result of this design, Kimber’s new line of Warrior pistols was made available to the general public. While not exactly the same as the ICQB, they are built with the same basic specifications in mind, as well as with an eye towards complete reliability in all conditions.

Based on real-world experience, some changes were requested to the 1911 platform with the ICQB and Warrior pistols. The frontstrap checkering was removed to eliminate snagging on gear. An ambidextrous thumb safety was added, along with a standard-length, mil-spec guide rod, which allows the pistol to be taken down easily in the field without tools. G10 grips were attached to provide for a solid hold, especially for shooters wearing tactical gloves. Kimber also added a Picatinny rail to the frame for adding lights and lasers. Rounding out the primary differences is a lanyard-loop-equipped mainspring housing and Kimber’s Tactical Wedge low-mount night sights. These changes meet the needs of a number of operators and have made the Warrior one of the company’s most popular lines. The new Warrior SOC (Special Operations Capable) has a few more additions.

The first thing you notice about the Warrior SOC is its color scheme. Built on the same steel frame, it is coated in a nice, dark-green KimPro II finish. It also has an integral Pictainny rail, along with a lanyard-loop-equipped mainspring housing…


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Working at the request of the United States Marines Corps Forces Special Operations Command…