Introducing a new line of .45 ACP 1911 pistols in today’s crowded handgun market isn’t easy, but Roberts Defense may have found a path to success: Build a high-quality tactical pistol in the United States and sell it at a very competitive price. Then make it very attractive. If that doesn’t sell handguns, nothing will. Roberts Defense is a new firm located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, which began manufacturing handguns in 2011. The company’s motto is “Never Compromise.” Roberts builds its pistols with high-quality components from well-known vendors of custom parts and from parts made at its Oshkosh factory. All Roberts parts are either CNC machined or forged from tool-quality steel bar stock. There are no metal-injection molding (MIM) parts used anywhere in any of the 13 models produced by Roberts.

The company’s commitment to quality is evident from the moment one opens a Roberts Defense gun’s soft carrying case. Along with the instruction manual, gun lock and one high-quality Act-Mag magazine, there is a final inspection checklist that lists 11 quality checks performed on the finished pistol before it is shipped. These include two separate firing tests, tests of all three safeties, and functional tests of the magazine release and slide lock. The company’s checklist also indicates the name of the inspector, the serial number of the gun and the date of inspection. Every firearms manufacturer has a system of quality control, but few, if any, go as far as Roberts Defense in informing the buyer about the thoroughness of the final inspection.

Gun Details
The Super Grade Pro is a very attractive pistol, and its appearance received many favorable comments from the staff at the Florida Gun Exchange when I picked it up. Its stainless steel frame, VS grips, and black nitride slide and operating controls give it a striking appearance. Prior to filling out the paperwork, I examined the Super Grade Pro externally for its fit, finish and function…


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Introducing a new line of .45 ACP 1911 pistols in today’s crowded handgun market…