TK: We hear you’ve written a new book. Tell us about it.

It’s called Gunny’s Rules, with a subtitle that says “How to Get Squared Away Like a Marine.” The publisher is Regnery Publishing in Washington, D.C., and even though the official publication date is Oct. 28, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are taking orders already. I don’t mind bragging a little about this event, because in this book I’ve taken on a couple of missions very important to me. One has been to share some hard-corps tips and observations from the highs and lows of my life that might help other people hump it up the hills they face in life. I’ve had my own times when I felt on top of the world, and those when I was knocked onto my ass and had to work to get up off the deck. I’ve learned a few things along the way, and I’m anxious for people to “Listen Up!” I promise I won’t bore them in this book.

My other mission in the book has stemmed from people who want to know more about The Gunny. Who is this R. Lee Ermey guy? Where’d he come from, and how did he become Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket”? Where’d he serve in the Marine Corps, and how did he go on to become a successful actor in movies and TV shows? R. Lee Ermey is supposed to be retired. How come he’s still in uniform and called “The Gunny?” The answers are all in the book. It’s the life story of a skinny kid from the Kansas farm fields and how the United States Marine Corps took that kid from maggot to manhood…


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TK: We hear you’ve written a new book. Tell us about it. It’s called…