Despite the fact that we are firmly entrenched in a worldwide economy, the “Made In The U.S.A.” logo still carries weight. When we note that a particular edged product has an offshore origin, many have less confidence in the knife’s materials and manufacturing integrity. One cutlery firm, Bear & Son Cutlery, is rightfully proud of its domestic manufacturing philosophy. “We make high-quality knives, and we make them all right here in the U.S.A.,” said company president Ken Griffy in a recent interview. The firm initially began business as Bear MGC Cutlery in 1991, changing its name when Ken’s son, Matt, came onboard as vice president. Ken’s wife, Sandy, holds down the role of vice president of the purchasing and premium department.

When you combine the cutlery manufacturing experience of the Griffy family members, along with that of the management team and department supervisors, you have the equivalent of a whopping 290 years in edged-tool production. Every one of Bear & Son’s high-quality knives is made in a state-of-the-art plant located in Jacksonville, Alabama. Bear & Son does all of its own designing, tooling, pressing, heat-treating, grinding, hafting, assembling and finishing in this 41,000-square-foot facility.

Three Skinners
The company makes a wide range of edged products, including folders (both slipjoint and locking), fixed blades, Bowies, butterfly knives, multi-tools and even an entire line of tactical knives. High-carbon stainless steel predominates in most of Bear & Son’s blades. However, 1095 carbon steel is used in the classic yellow
Delrin-handled knives in the 4th Generation line. And this firm is the only commercial cutlery manufacturer making knives with Damascus steel blades.


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Despite the fact that we are firmly entrenched in a worldwide economy, the “Made…