Colonial Knife has a long history of producing both commercial and military knives. It has had great success with its M-724 military autos, which are essentially updated MC-1 parachute knives that Colonial revamped with modern materials and construction techniques. As popular as the knives were with the military, Colonial’s Steve Paolantonio knew there was more potential in the design for the commercial market. He just needed the touch of an expert designer to bring it to the next level. Fast-forward to 2011 and a fortuitous meeting with renowned knife-designer Walter “Blackie” Collins during a popular East Coast knife show. Steve and Blackie hit it off, and along with Blackie’s wife, Jane, they sat down and hashed out the details for a Colonial/Collins collaboration. Blackie left the show with a number of the Colonial ribbed and keychain series autos. Within a couple weeks, Steve received a call that Blackie had come up with a set of new blades for the two styles of knives. Blackie had designed a sleek tanto design for the ribbed auto and a fully serrated blade for the keychain. The two hammered out a licensing agreement and some blade options. Prototyping of the blades began. Unfortunately, in July 2011 and within weeks of all this happening, Steve received a phone call informing him that Blackie had died in a motorcycle accident. Blackie’s passing didn’t stop his legacy from continuing on, and by working with Blackie’s widow, Jane, the Blackie Collins Signature Series knives were born.

Beefed-Up M-724 Military
The Signature Series consists of both autos and Quick Flick knives, but it’s the 100 series autos that we’re going to focus on here. The 100 series knives use the beefed-up design of the M-724 military autos with a number of enhancements. First is the ribbed grip frame, which is made of a nearly indestructible polymer that’s used in hard hats, snowboards and tool casings. Next are the Blackie Collins–designed blades. The larger 105, 106, 107 and 108 models use a slick, modern tanto-style blade of ATS-34 stainless steel…


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Colonial Knife has a long history of producing both commercial and military knives. It…