Author Tim Stetzer writes, “If you talk to cops around the world, you may find differences in the laws they enforce and maybe the procedures they follow. But when it comes down to the actual day-to-day work on the street, things really aren’t all that much different.” That fact was reaffirmed for Stetzer when he had the chance to correspond with Juergen “Sohny” Sohnemann, a German police officer. Sohny had taken his idea for a distinctly German police knife to custom knifemaker Ulrich “Uli” Hennicke, wanting to make a knife suitable for police work and hoping that the sales of such a knife could help benefit the families of officers killed in the line of duty. Enter the Ulize. Stetzer shares, “The Ulize is roughly the size of a Spyderco Police model, featuring a 4.11-inch blade and a 9.55-inch overall length. The 3mm-thick VG-10 blade is slim and sleek with a keen drop-point and a recurved hollow-ground edge.” The author carried the knife for six months while on the job as a cop, and, aside from it’s keeping a hair-popping edge for the entire length of time, the Ulize handled an array of tasks. Get all the details in the January 2014 issue of Tactical Knives, available on newsstands and digitally on September 17, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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Author Tim Stetzer writes, “If you talk to cops around the world, you may…