Hawke Gear may be new to your ears, but you probably know Mykel Hawke from the many adventure and reality shows that he has starred in over the last few years. It should be stated that this man is much more than just your average television personality; he is a man with a long list of accomplishments to his credit and one who has earned many titles. Entering the U.S. Army at the age of 18, he has given a total of 24 years of service, much of it in the Special Forces. He has served as a commander of a U.S. Army Special Forces A-team and is qualified as a Special Forces medic, Special Forces communications sergeant and Special Forces intelligence officer.

Mykel has hunted terrorists in the scorching hot deserts of the Middle East, run combat-search-and-rescue missions in the hazardous jungles of Colombia, and instructed members of UN peacekeeping missions in war-torn regions in Africa. He has logged hundreds of hours in the field, working in the harshest environments known to man. Based on his experience, he has authored two extensive survival manuals. Naturally, this has given him the opportunity to use many tools in the course of his career, and in doing so he has developed his own ideas on the subject of knives designed for military, search and rescue, and law enforcement personnel. Now he is bringing his outside-the-box thinking and unique ideas to the marketplace.

Hands On
I was sent two samples of the Peregrine, the flagship knife of the Hawke Gear lineup. One has the company’s proprietary Blackstone protective finish and a partially serrated edge. The other has an Icekon camouflage finish with a plain edge. The Peregrine is a full-tang design with an overall length of 10 inches and a 5-inch blade made of 0.156-inch-thick AUS8 stainless steel, with a profile that can be best described as a re-angle. (Think recurve, but with straight lines and angles as opposed to curves.) The Peregrine combines a modified tanto tip with a swedged clip and hollow-grind edge geometry, which offers a utilitarian mix of strong tip, good penetration and great cutting. The furniture is an overmolded rubber handle with three-dimensional contouring and strategically placed texture for enhanced grip in slippery conditions…


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Hawke Gear may be new to your ears, but you probably know Mykel Hawke…