A few years ago Chris Reeve had the distinct honor of being chosen to produce the “Yarborough” combat knife awarded to each graduate of the Special Forces course at Fort Bragg. Since that time a handy 5.5-inch version of the model has been added to the line. Reuben Bolieu wrings the knife out in survival camp as only he can. Len Waldron takes HallMark’s latest Sean Kendrick designs on safari into the heart of Africa after kudu. His skinners, who process more game a year than most of us do in a lifetime, give high praise to these new blades. Put three retired Green Berets together to design a close-combat knife and what do you get? In the case of Spartan Knives it would be their new Kim Breed Fighter. Old Fort Bragg native Terrill Hoffman tells us more about this lethal new weapon.

SOG Specialty has signed on one of the hottest young designers in the business, Jason Brous, and the Snarl and Growl are the first models to come out of this union. Phil Elmore explains why these handy little cutters are perfect for self-defense. Where are you going to go when the volcano blows? As for me, I’m staying right here on our homestead and a good knife like Scott Gossman’s Deer Creek will be a major reason why I will survive when others bug-out to the woods and starve! TV survival celebrity and ex-SF soldier Mykel Hawke now has his own exclusive line of backcountry search and rescue knives. Brian Griffin heads for the woods around his new location in Michigan with this all-purpose cutting tool. Kershaw has been working overtime signing some of the best custom knifemakers in the country up to design new models for them. Jorge Amselle put five of the latest through their paces. Between this family of collaborations there is an EDC that will meet everyone’s needs.

Spyderco actively searches out the opinions of knife experts from around the world. One of their latest finds is German LEO Sohny Sohenemann and his Ulize folder. Full-time American cop Tim Stetzer carries this interesting new model on patrol on his own Pittsburg beat. Anyone who feels all Chinese made knives are totally inferior has never handled any of A.G. Russell personal designs. These are built to be first class from ground up and Dave Spaulding tells us why he feels one of A.G.’s smaller blades can be all you need.
Believe it or not, after 44 years the editor actually went back to Vietnam and found, while many things had changed for the better, Uncle Ho was still watching! Traveling from one end of the country to the other, he gathers regional pattern knives everywhere he stops…


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A few years ago Chris Reeve had the distinct honor of being chosen to…