3 Ten 9mm Luger Bulleted Shotshell

The 3 Ten 9mm Luger Bulleted Shotshell offers the precise response of a bullet, accompanied by the broad impact of a shotgun in a single round of ammunition.

Features include:

1) Full normal ballistic payload of 115 grains total
2) Feeds, functions, and fires in semi and full automatic weapons with same degree of reliability as conventional ball ammunition and same point of impact—no need to adjust aiming/sights
3) Loaded to SAAMI/ANSI Industry specifications
4) Casemouth waterproofing compound and Lacquer sealed primer meets US Military standards to prevent moisture infiltration
5) Bulleted Shot & conventional ball ordnance can be intermixed in a single magazine stack for tactical applications
6) Nickel plated nosecap for ease of identification

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