Bullseye Camera System
Bullseye Camera System

Bullseye Camera System provides a wireless target camera to be placed 2-8 ft. from your target and allows you to view the shots wirelessly from your shooting location, up to one mile away, directly on your laptop. IOS and Android support coming this summer.

Bullseye Target Manager software provides easy viewing of each last shot blinking on the screen, whether shot individually or in groups, safely from the firing position. The software allows developing of shooter profiles, to include information such as: particular firearm and ammunition, hand-loading data, and measuring shot groups. This data is stored with each shot and can be retrieved at any time for later review.

“A main goal here at Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC is to deliver time-saving technology to our customers whether it be for archery, pistol, or long-range shooting; you name it, we want to bring efficiency to your sport,” shared Nick Skrepetos, founder of Bullseye Camera Systems, LLC.

See more at http://www.bullseyecamera.com/.

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