Joe Schallmoser, former police sergeant, national competitive master shooter, police firearms instructor and now a NRA Certified Instructor, teaches civilians everything from NRA Basic Pistol to advanced defensive handgun skills.

“I have developed the concept of thinking in terms of a ‘plane’ that I use when I am teaching students at all levels. And I’m not talking about airplanes, I’m referring to thinking in terms of a ‘plane’ – a straight line with several important items collected along that ‘plane’.”

“Think about it – by now we all should know that you must focus on your front sight to be an accurate marksman. That front sight, in a proper position centered in the notch of your rear sight, along with a target form a “plane” that must add one more element aligned along that ‘plane’ to provide a good starting point to shoot accurately. That missing element is your DOMINANT eye, not, necessarily the eye located on the side of your body where your strong side or shooting hand is located. If you don’t know how to determine your dominant eye, please go online and look it up – it’s quite simple.”


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