At the turns of the 19th century, when U.S. troops needed added firepower on the battlefield, Colt Single Action Army (SAA) revolvers were re-chambered to switch from the ineffective .38 LC they had been using to.45 LC. The Cimarron USV Artillery replica offers modern-day shooters the chance to appreciate firsthand the artistry and punch of the six-shooter carried by the famed Rough Riders. The painstaking detail in the replica U.S.V. Artillery was noted in Robert Sadowski’s recent review with him saying, “The Cimarron USV Artillery has authentic features just like first-generation Colt SAA revolvers, including the round, bullseye-style ejector rod head, which is a circular disc with a hole in the center.” To learn more about the Cimarron USV Artillery, and to access Sodowski’s full review, order the 2014 Handgun Buyer’s Guide at

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