Talk to owners and users, and they’ll tell you that Springfield Armory’s XD pistols are easy to shoot, reliable and trusted.

Traveling the country and attending training, I’ve come to find that Springfields are some of the most-liked modern pistols on the market, with an incredibly loyal user base. When I work with the average shooter at competitions and training, I very often see an XD in that individual’s hands. The design lends itself to comfort, accuracy and reliability, and new shooters really take to its solid ergonomics, good trigger, soft recoil and excellent accuracy. The introduction of the XD-S in .45 ACP only strengthens this trend, with the gun having quickly become the first choice for many for concealed carry in the .45 ACP caliber. It combines 21st-century design with a single-stack .45 ACP payload, making it a real game-changer. With the 9mm XD-S also in the stable, Springfield has brought innovation and state-of-the-art construction to light, thin and controllable pistols firing the two most popular carry cartridges.

With all the attention the XD line has garnered, it is easy to forget the rest of Springfield’s impressive handguns—the company is also one of the most popular 1911 makers in the industry, offering affordable 1911s in a multitude of calibers. Ranging from the affordable Mil-Spec series to the hand-built Custom Shop guns, Springfield makes a 1911 in every configuration to suit the needs of diverse shooters. One of the first 9mm micro-compact 1911s, the 9mm Springfield EMP is ranked highly among 1911 enthusiasts. Between its four compact models, Springfield has pretty much every base covered in the field of compact self-defense pistols.

XD-S 9mm And .45 ACP
Springfield’s newest offering is the XD-S chambered in 9mm. Much of the overall specifications remain the same as those of the .45 XD-S, which helps keep things simple. (With the same overall length, width and fit, the 9mm XD-S will fit all .45 XD-S holsters.) The 3.3-inch, steel barrel is coated in Melonite and fully supported. A forged steel slide with a proven extractor and return spring make for one of the softest-shooting compact pistols on the market. In .45 ACP, the XD-S was a joy to shoot; in 9mm, it only gets better. The trigger pull measures 5.5 to 7 pounds, which is perfect for a concealed-carry pistol, and the smooth feel and function of the XD trigger is what has drawn many to this line. It facilitates a straight pull, making the gun well suited to new shooters.

Dovetailed sights include a no-snag rear and fiber-optic front. The XD-S’ truly ambidextrous magazine release accommodates off-hand magazine swaps as well as left-handed operation. With the X-Tension device, a nine-round magazine can be used for the 9mm, which has a standard mag capacity of 7+1 rounds. The extended grip accommodates hands of most sizes, with the aggressive texturing allowing for solid control under any condition. Like all XD pistols, the XD-S includes a grip safety, a loaded-chamber indicator and an Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) trigger system. Coated in Melonite, the XD-S is designed to provide years of reliable and solid operation under the harshest conditions. Both chamberings are available in all black or with a stainless slide.

For those in need of a larger caliber, the XD-S .45 ACP remains a solid choice. Recent testing with this pistol yielded excellent accuracy and complete controllability—it may be the softest shooting subcompact .45 ACP I have ever fired. Given the modern advances in carry ammunition, it provides some serious power in a truly compact pistol that is reliable, accurate and soft-shooting. Standard capacity is 5+1 rounds, with a 7+1 capacity when using the X-Tension mag extension. This pistol started the XD-S revolution and remains a first choice for many concealed-carry holders today.

XD Sub-Compact
The XD Sub-Compact is the smallest of the standard, double-column XD pistols. The barrel is 3 inches long, is coated in Melonite and has a fully supported chamber. The dual recoil spring with a full-length guide rod provides great accuracy and soft recoil. The standard magazine in 9mm holds 13 rounds, and the gun will accommodate a 16-round magazine with a grip extension. In .40 caliber, the capacity drops to nine in the standard magazine and to 12 with the extended version. The slide is made of forged steel coated in Melonite, making it practically impervious to the elements. There are several selections for sighting systems too, including Heinie Slant Pro, Trijicon and standard dot sights, and the guns are available in two-tone, OD green and black.

XD(M) Compact
The XD(M) Compact is a polymer-framed pistol with a forged steel slide coated in Melonite. The slide offers the distinctive XD(M) serrations at both the front and rear. The Melonite-coated, steel barrel has a fully supported chamber measuring 3.8 inches long. Sitting nicely between the full-sized and subcompact categories, the XD(M) Compact is well-suited to concealed carry. Many prefer this as a primary pistol as well, with no need for the longer barrels. The gun comes in black or two-tone, in .45 ACP, .40 S&W or 9mm. The 9mm carries up to 19 rounds; the .40, up to 16 rounds; and the .45 ACP, up to 13 rounds. (All the higher capacities use the new X-Tension magazine system.) The XD(M) includes both a loaded-chamber and a striker-status indicator. The grip safety allows it to be fired only when a firm grip is applied, and the USA Trigger System guards against accidental discharges. The XD(M) pistols also have a short trigger reset and utilize a match-grade barrel. The guns are available in either all black or two-tone.

EMP (Enhanced Micro Pistol)
The EMP was one of Springfield’s first 1911’s designed from the ground up to utilize a caliber other than .45 ACP. Optimized for 9mm and then .40 S&W, the EMP is a truly compact 1911 that features a fully supported, match-grade barrel, thin grips and low-profile combat sights. The capacity in 9mm is 9+1, while in .40 it is 8+1. Both calibers of the EMP use a long, aluminum, match-grade trigger, which is mated to an aluminum receiver in the case of the 9mm. The .40’s carbon steel frame is coated in Armory Kote for a good appearance and protection from the elements. The EMP’s dual spring, full-length guide rod promotes accuracy and reliability. Fully melted for carry, the EMP’s no-snag design is perfect for concealment. The 9mm and .40 versions are available with either Thinline Cocobolo Hardwood grips or the more aggressive, black and gray combat grips.

At a mere 6.5 inches in overall length, the EMP can be easily carried concealed. It is a solid example of the move to shorter calibers in the 1911 design when using a 3-inch barrel. The EMP represents a reliable option at an affordable price for those needing a truly compact 1911.

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