Wilson Combat has led the industry in 1911 production for many years, with Bill Wilson contributing significantly to the 1911’s resurgence. Wilson Combat’s parts are seen on some of the most well-built 1911s on the market, and the company continues to build a large array of custom pistols that may represent the most complete offering of custom-built 1911s available, from compact to full-size guns in every popular caliber. Guns can be had with a simple carry design or built to the most exacting tolerances.

CQB Compact
Wilson Combat’s newest entry into the compact pistol arena is the CQB Compact. Long a favorite of operators and enthusiasts alike, the CQB line comprises no-nonsense pistols designed to operate in any condition and hand-built for reliability, accuracy and proven performance. The CQB Compact is no exception, adding features that make it easier to conceal while maintaining complete reliability.

Starting with a compact, carbon steel frame, the frontstrap is high-cut and checkered at 30 lines per inch (lpi). The contouring of the magazine well ensures positive magazine exchanges. A Bullet Proof beavertail and thumb safety ensure proper function for years, and fitted in the carbon steel slide is a 4-inch, stainless steel, match-grade, coned barrel. Topped with a rear Wilson Combat Battlesight and fiber-optic front sight, the CQB Compact is well-suited to any duty or self-defense situation. Its half-inch-shorter frame allows for easier concealment yet still carries 7+1 rounds of .45 ACP. Also available in 9mm and .38 Super, the CQB Compact meets any professional’s need for a concealed-carry pistol.

Super Sentinel
The Super Sentinel in .38 Super starts with an aluminum frame with 30-lpi checkering on a high-cut frontstrap. Wilson Combat’s proven and predictable trigger, measuring 3.5 to 3.75 pounds, is expertly fitted to the pistol. A high-ride beavertail safety and tactical thumb safety accommodate operation in any environment. The magazine well is shaped and contoured to facilitate accurate magazine changes, and the gun is finished off with a set of G10 Starburst grip panels. Wilson’s 3.6-inch, match-grade barrel is chambered for the authoritative and accurate .38 Super caliber, which provides full-sized power in a very compact package. The barrel and chamber can be fluted as an option, and grooves in the top of the slide prevent glare in direct sunlight. Wilson Combat’s fiber-optic front sight is used, and a full-length guide rod and reverse plug increase accuracy and reliability. Elite Tactical magazines designed for the Sentinel bring eight rounds of ammunition to the fight. Coated in Armor-Tuff and placed in a Wilson Combat nylon case, the Super Sentinel is a mighty gun in a small package.

The 9mm Sentinel is available in the Armor-Tuff color of your choice. Starting with a carbon steel slide and frame, each of the Sentinel’s parts is hand-fit to the highest standards. Wilson Combat’s rear Battlesight and fiber-optic front sight are standard. Tritium sights and others can be ordered. A single-side tactical safety is standard, with optional ambidextrous safeties available. Wilson’s high-ride Bullet Proof grip safety and G10 slimline grips support a solid grip. The mag well is contoured for positive magazine changes, and the frontstrap is checkered at 30-lpi and high-cut for solid control. Measuring 3.6 inches, the heavy, tapered barrel is custom-fit to the slide. The gun is completely dehorned for concealed carry, and rear serrations are included for positive loading. Wilson Combat’s highest-grade internals are used. At a scant 7.2 inches in overall length, the Sentinel is perfect for deeper concealed carry. Featuring an eight-round magazine capacity, the weapon packs proven firepower in a compact package. Two magazines and a nylon Wilson Combat pistol rug come with the gun. A stainless model is available too.

Ms. Sentinel
Originally designed with the woman shooter in mind, the 9mm Ms. Sentinel is an excellent compact pistol. The frame is made of aluminum and hand-fit to a carbon steel slide. Wilson Combat’s latest concealment, beavertail grip safety and hammer are used as well as a round-butt frame. A tactical Bullet Proof thumb safety is perfect for concealed carry. The Bullet Proof magazine release is shortened and rounded to facilitate deep concealment. The barrel is 3.6 inches long, fluted, match-grade and coned with a fluted chamber. A full-length guide rod with a reverse plug ensures complete reliability, and the mag well’s contouring provides positive reloads. The cocobolo Starburst grips have a very nice look, and the coating of Armor-Tuff will last through many years of carry.

Shortening the trigger with a medium pad accommodates smaller hands. Set at a crisp 3.5 to 3.75 pounds, the trigger is configured for the best possible accuracy. Countersinking the slide stop keeps things smooth and snag free. The sights are identical to those of the Sentinel, and carry and end mill cuts provide for the lightest possible carry pistol. The Ms. Sentinel is chambered for 9mm and comes with two eight-round magazines. This pistol is perfect for anyone, man or woman, with smaller hands or who is looking for a truly reliable subcompact 1911 for concealed carry.

Ultralight Carry Sentinel
The 9mm Ultralight Carry Sentinel represents the lightest and smallest pistol in the Wilson Combat line. Starting with an aluminum frame, the gun features a 3.5-inch, all-carbon-steel slide, the same sights as the Sentinel, and a 3.6-inch, match-grade, fluted, expertly fitted barrel. The slide has a heavy machine chamfer on the bottom and rear cocking serrations. The top of the slide is serrated at 30 lpi for glare control and more weight savings. The magazine well is nicely contoured with a high-cut grip strap checkered at 30 lpi. The G10 Starburst grips get you rugged reliability when shooting, and the shortened, rounded Bullet Proof magazine release facilitates concealment and positive magazine changes. The medium-length trigger pad and shortened trigger accommodate smaller hands. The slide stop is nicely countersunk for smooth concealed carry, and the rear of the slide is serrated at 40 lpi. It also includes both carry and end mill cuts to keep it as light as possible. This may just be the ultimate concealed-carry pistol built for accuracy, reliability and very light weight. Like most all of Wilson Combat’s pistols, you can also add features such as an ambidextrous safety and different sights. This is the most customizable of the Sentinel line and is available in a multitude of Armor-Tuff colors.

Parting Shots
Wilson Combat has always been dedicated to building the finest 1911 pistols possible. Every order starts as a custom build based on the customer’s requested configuration—there are no “stock” guns in the Wilson line. Each is built one at a time by trained professionals, and the attention to detail is seen at every stage of the build. Nothing moves forward without first meeting the highest standards for fit and function using only the best Wilson Combat parts. If you are in need of the best 1911 in a truly compact package, then Wilson Combat may just be the answer. For more information, visit or call 800-955-4856.


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