EAA 9mm Witness Pavona

While we tend to think of gun ownership and concealed carry as “generic” and not gender specific aside from gun size and caliber (and even that varies depending upon skill levels), firearms ownership among women is on the rise. Today, approximately 35 percent of all U.S. firearm purchases are made by or for women! With the understanding that the majority of firearms today are designed by men, European American Armory (EAA) decided it was time to create a line made just for women. And while this is still a project in evolution, EAA introduced its Pavona line of semi-auto pistols built in Italy by Tanfoglio.

The entire line is cosmetically designed for women by a woman and presented with a woman’s touch by EAA’s Sharon Lacy. The new 9mm Witness Pavona Polymer models are compact, easy to load, easy to control and easy to use. From its inception in the world-famous Italian “Valley of the Guns,” the Witness Pavona offers a lightweight, ergonomic grip in a distinct, compact, smooth, sparkling (metal flake) polymer frame with integral checkering and sculptured, contoured lines. Tanfoglio kept the traditional external hammer, so when the hammer is cocked with the safety engaged before slide movement, the hammer spring is depressed, thus allowing the slide to move easier during loading. Tanfoglio engineers also fine-tuned the hammer and recoil springs to allow for smoother function in addition to adding unique slide-gripping areas to enhance the overall pistol function, feel and ease of use. The new models are beautifully designed, elegantly packaged and have both unique color options and a sparkle for the woman that desires everything.

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EAA 9mm Witness Pavona While we tend to think of gun ownership and concealed…