New for 2013 is the Eagle Imports Comanche IIA, an entry-level .38 Special manufactured for Eagle Imports in Argentina.

It is a revised version of the earlier Comanche .38 Special redesigned for 2014. The new models are available with either a 3-inch barrel or a 4-inch barrel, and in two finishes, blued or duo-tone.

The duo-tone finish features a metal-flake nickel finish on the alloy frame and steel barrel that’s contrasted by a blued cylinder. Grips are recoil-absorbing rubber in a combat configuration.

The frame has an integral adjustable rear sight and the barrel an integral ramp front over a vent rib. The six-round revolver is chambered for .38 Special only and not rated for +P ammo.

Carry weight (empty) is 33 ounces for the 3-inch model and 35 ounces for the 4-inch model.

With a suggested retail of only $225, the new Comanche IIA will be available in the first quarter of 2014 from Eagle Imports.

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