Edge Firearms Reliant
Still in the final developmental stages, the forthcoming Edge Firearms Reliant is a four-barrel Derringer built in the style of a subcompact semi-auto—only the Reliant has a four-chamber, tip-up barrel, DAO trigger with rotary firing pin and can be chambered in .22 WMR (.22 Magnum), .17 HMR or .380 ACP. The striker-fired pistol uses an internal rotating firing pin that is blocked from contacting the cartridge primers until the DAO trigger is pulled, at which point an internal hammer is pushed back and the striker is rotated into alignment with one of the four cartridges. When the trigger reaches full rearward movement (about 8 pounds of effort), it causes the striker to drive the firing pin forward and discharge the gun. After firing, the striker and trigger mechanism return to a safe position with the firing pin again blocked from contacting the cartridges.

The finger extension at the bottom of the grip frame is actually part of an internal cartridge holder (speed strip) that can be easily removed to reload all four chambers. Using steel and aluminum construction, the Reliant will also be offered with an internal, trigger-activated laser. Because there are no reciprocating external parts, the gun can actually be fired from inside a pocket if necessary. There will be several versions of the Reliant available early in 2014.

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