Leather Underwear for Men & Women

* Traditional German-tanned goat leather
* The natural tanning process of 6000 years ago
* Cod oil is kneaded into the leather skin. The oil disappears in a slow oxidation process and transforms the raw animal skin into pleasantly soft and “buttery” leather.
* At the end of the tanning process, the excess cod oil is washed away with a sodium bicarbonate solution.
* The finished leather product has a pleasant smell and is yellow in color.
* If while damp, the leather is laid in a chemical-free bleach solution, the traditional German-tanned leather becomes white.
(As fine as the white leather riding pants of Vienna’s Spanish Riding School)
* Properties: warm, cozy and breathable, especially skin-friendly, regulates temperature in winter as well as in summer; durable
* Important Care Instructions, please follow carefully:
* Machine wash cold only (30 degrees Celcius)
* Use a special leather laundry detergent
* The leather will turn hard if exposed to sunlight!

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