NASGW Heizer
NASGW Heizer

Heizer Defense .410 Pocket Shotgun
In order to spare you all the details of the breakup between Heizer Defense and the DoubleTap over/under pistol (now produced by DoubleTap Defense), Heizer had taken the road less traveled for 2014 and developed a single-shot .410-gauge shotgun pistol based on the design principals of the original DoubleTap, including the roller-bearing trigger design. The Heizer, however, is a completely different end product with a longer single barrel that can chamber a .45 Colt defensive round or (as intended) a 000 buckshot .410-gauge shotshell. The design uses a quick-release lever to open the action and tilt the barrel up; an internal extractor raises the spent shell for quick reload. Additional space is provided inside the grip to store two additional rounds.

These titanium-frame guns will be available in desert tan, black, brown, pink and polished stainless steel with a suggested retail of $499.

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