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Revision Stingerhawk with OcuMax Plus
No company better embodies the term “tacti-cool” than Revision Military, makers of professional-grade eye and head protection that’s both purpose-built for max ballistic protection and ultra-stylized for a sleek, no-nonsense look. Long a leader in ocular high-tech, Revision has engineered yet one more eye-protective innovation: OcuMax Plus, an anti-fog lens coating that deters for as long as 100 seconds the water condensation that would otherwise collect when external temperatures change abruptly. OcuMax can be had on the majority of Revision’s eyewear, including its sleek Stingerhawk sunglasses, a low-profile, lens-interchangeable eye-protection piece that, as a nifty video at Revision’s website shows, can absorb without shattering the impact of 1¼-ounce shotshell loads (

Daltech FORCE SuperStiff BULLBELT
Handguns, whether compact or full-size, are weighty objects: Hang one day after day from a typical belt, and you’ll gradually see the belt start to slacken and part at the seams. On a Daltech Force SuperStiff BULLBELT, however, you can fasten gun-laden holsters, magazine pouches and assorted accessories without fear of loosening the belt’s stiffness and support. Crafted in the United States, the BULLBELT features a sewn-in metal alloy layer that will keep the belt firmly in shape, even after years of heavy use. Crafted entirely of top-grain USA leather, the Superstiff BULLBELT is available in bull, horse or cow hide, and in two colors, black or tan. Customers can choose between stainless steel or brass hardware, and every belt is sized to order (

Alpha-TAC ExtremeBeam TAC24 S.W.A.T.
It’s a well-known truth: When trouble strikes, it does so most frequently at night. A well-prepared household includes not only a self-defense firearm, but also the means to navigate in low-light conditions. And few handheld devices can illuminate a room as well as Alpha-TAC’s ExtremeBeam TAC24 S.W.A.T., a single-mode, high-intensity flashlight capable of projecting its blinding 340-lumen beam 1,300 feet—a distance unmatched by any other flashlight in its class. The key to the TAC24’s extraordinary power: its finely crafted reflecting cone, which captures nearly all of the light produced by its LED bulb and directs it efficiently into the space at which the bulb is pointed. Crafted from high-grade aircraft aluminum and thoroughly shock proof, the rugged TAC24 is a light you keep for life; and, crowned with a tactical bevel, it just might save your life in a CQB self-defense encounter (

Milt sparks nexus
Several years in the making, the recently introduced Milt Sparks Nexus all-leather, inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster offers security, concealment, and gorgeous, artisanal looks in equal measure. Built for 1911 carry, the Nexus, handcrafted in the old style, features a very modern, patent-pending, self-closing neodymium magnetic loop that fastens as securely as a one-way snap, but is much easier to align and attach to a belt. Rendered in both cow- and horsehide, the Nexus rides low, and comfortably, in the waistband while still allowing for a full firing grip on initial hand contact. The Nexus is available in a variety of finishes (


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New Products! Revision Stingerhawk with OcuMax Plus No company better embodies the term “tacti-cool”…